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  • What documents do I need in order to file my ISF with Customs?
    To file the ISF, the Invoice and the ISF info sheet provided by your seller is required. In addition 2 forms of ID is required. One proof will be your drivers license or state ID, and addditional proof of Tax ID number.
  • What is the turnaround time to complete my ISF Filing?
    The ISF Filing to Customs can be completed with 6-8 hours upon submission of the online form.
  • How much does it cost to file my ISF?
    The total cost to file your ISF is $105, this includes the ISF Filing ($25) to customs and the ISF Bond ($80)
  • When should I start to file the ISF?
    The ISF is best to file as soon as your seller or shipper provides you the ISF info sheet. U.S. Customs requires the ISF to be filed 24 hours before loading of vessel. Any late shipments must also file the ISF or goods will be held by customs when arrived.
  • What is ISF Bond?
    The ISF Bond is required by Customs for each ISF Filing. The ISF Bond covers any penalties that US Customs reserves the right to issue in the case of default from the importer which the bond surety company will guarantee payment to CBP. The ISF Bond is an insurance liability to CBP for your shipment.
  • Will Customs issue late ISF penalty if I am late?
    Customs reserves the right to issue penalty for late ISF Filings. Not all late ISF's will be automatically fined by Customs. Each shipment will be reviewed by Customs along with the Importers past history. Importers who have a long history of late ISF's are at a higher risk of penalty. Importers who are late the first time, or even 2nd the risk of penalty is low, but Customs always has the right to issue on the first occurance.
  • Who is responsible to file the ISF? The seller or me?
    The Importer is responsible to ensure the ISF is filed on time and accurately as per Customs regulations.
  • How do I know when and where to pick up my goods when arrived?
    Your customs clearing agent will coordinate and oversee all aspects of your shipment. When the goods are near arrival, pick up instructions will be provided once goods are customs released and arrived to the warehouse or port terminal.
  • Are you available to file ISFs on the weekend?
    ISF Filing services is provided 24/7 even on weekends.
  • Is ISF Filing required for each time I ship?
    Yes, ISF Filing is required for each shipment. As this requirement is for US Customs to monitor the goods incoming, each shipment they have to check each and every time.
  • What is Customs Clearance?
    Customs clearance is required to be filed with U.S. Customs the calculated import duty and shipment details via form 7501 + 3461. These are submitted electronically to customs for them to review shipment details and to pay for import duty. Customs clearance service is charged separately from ISF Filing.
  • Do you provide Customs Clearance services?
    Yes, customs clearance services is available with the import agent who has completed your ISF to customs. They will guide you through the remainder of your shipment for clearance.
  • Do you provide trucking and delivery services?
    Yes trucking and delivery services can be quoted as part of the clearance process. LTL and TL deliveries with or without liftgate can be provided.
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