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ISF Filing Documents Required

To submit your ISF 10+2 Filing to US Customs. Two documents from your seller, and two forms of ID is required to complete and submit the filing. The sellers invoice and isf info sheet is provided by your seller or the shipping company 2-5 days before departure or loading of goods onto the vessel. In addition, one photo ID issued by the State, and proof of Federal Tax ID is required by US Customs to confirm the identity of the importer for the ISF Filing. These documents are to be uploaded onto the online ISF Filing form.

1.Sellers Invoice

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Commercial Invoice Example
2.ISF Info Sheet

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ISF Filing Information Sheet Example
3.State Photo ID
Proof of ID for ISF Filing
4.Federal Tax ID
Proof of Tax ID for Customs
Tax ID Required by US Customs
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The Tax ID # is used by US Customs as your Importer ID for the shipment. Importers may use your Social Security Number or Business EIN Number as the Tax ID. Valid proof of your Tax ID is required referenced below.

Valid Documents for Proof of Tax ID

Individuals Provide: Social Security Card, W2, or Tax Return.

Business Provide: IRS EIN Confirmation Letter, Tax Return or any federal issued document containing the EIN number with the business name and address.

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