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CBP 5106 New Importer Registration and the ISF Filing

How to file the CBP 5106 Form for ISF Filing
How to file the CBP 5106 Form for ISF Filing

New Importer Registration / Identity Add for ISF Filing

For new importers bringing in goods into the United States the first time. U.S. Customs requires their Importer Identity to be added into the U.S. Customs database first before their broker or agent can submit the ISF Filing for their shipment. The Importer ID consists of basic contact and tax ID information which is listed below.

  1. Importer Name: either Individual or Business Name

  2. Importer Mailing and Physical Address

  3. Importer Tax ID Number: either Social Security Number or EIN Number

  4. Importer Type: Individual or Business

  5. Phone Number

  6. Email Address

How do I add my Importer ID?

So the question is how do I add my Importer ID to U.S Customs? There are a few ways which are listed below.

  1. Fill out CBP Form 5106 manually yourself and bring the form to your local CBP port office for them to add your information manually.

  2. Hire a customs broker or import company which may charge you a fee ranging from $50-$100 to help you fill out the 5106 electronically in their system and submit the importer ID add to CBP.

  3. Use our ISF Filing Online Form. We provide Free Importer ID Registration with U.S. Customs using the data you already have inputted for the ISF Filing which we will use to submit the 5106 electronically to CBP to add you to their system, and at the same time the ISF is filed for you also.

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