How to submit your ISF Filing to US Customs

The importation of goods into the United States requires the ISF Filing to be completed no later than 24 hours before loading of the vessel. In this article, we will go over the steps to get this completed to avoid any fines or penalties which may arise.

Initial Steps with your Seller Overseas

If you are reading this article, you may have already known about the ISF Filng requirement by US Customs. This filing is used by US Customs to prescreen all goods coming into the United States due to Homeland Security and to prevent the illegal importation of goods.

Your responsibilties as the importer is to ensure the ISF is filed no later than 24 hours before loading of the vessel. In the event if you are late to file, this does not mean there will be an automatic penalty of $5,000. Late filing gives US Customs the right to issue penalty if they deem necessary.

So when you do start to prepare your ISF Filing? As soon as you have made payment to your seller overseas, it is highly recommended to request your seller to provide you the completed ISF Form or also called the ISF Information sheet no later than 3-4 days before goods leave oversesas, in addition with copy of the invoice of the goods.

Once you have the completed ISF Form and Invoice from your seller, the ISF Filing can be completed online via the link, or to obtain ISF Filing services from your broker.

What is the cost to file my ISF?

The cost to file the ISF may vary by the broker and the company who is assisting with your filing as these are private companies which have their own rates. Most companies would only provide the cost to file upon contacting them for quote and services. Other companies do also provide online ISF Filing services which you can simply upload the documents from your seller and to make payment via the website to get this filed which the cost to file the ISF is also listed on their websites. If you are ready to file your ISF or may be interested in the future. The cost to file via our website is a flat rate of $115. This rate includes the cost of the ISF Filing and also the ISF Bond.